Accommodation is only available for people engaged with working on the farm.  Should you stop working of your own accord or not be offered work by the company or be dismissed, you will be asked to leave the accommodation.

Anyone found using accommodation without authorisation after their termination of employment may be subject to prosecution.

You will not be able to change the accommodation you have been allocated without consent.

You have to keep your accommodation and the area surrounding it clean and tidy at all times. If your accommodation is found in an unsatisfactory condition the company may ask you to leave the accommodation and ask you to pay for damages.



There is a strict policy that you will not be allowed to bring cars to any of our farm sites during your stay.



Any worker employed by the company as a seasonal agricultural worker will be given a work ID card. For the sake of security on our camp sites and places of work the ID card must be worn at all times.



Visitors are only allowed onto the farm or any of the campsites with prior permission from the camp site manager. To have a visitor you will have to make a request 2 days in advance for a visitors permit.

Visitors must wear a visitor badge provided by the company at all times during their visit. Visitors must be accompanied by the host at all times during their visit. Failure of a visitor to wear the visitor badge will result in them being escorted off site. If you have visitors without permission you will be subject to disciplinary action which may result in dismissal.



For your safety the farm and its work sites are equipped with firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms. Should you be found to interfere with any of this equipment other than for its proper use, it will be considered gross misconduct and you will be dismissed and made to pay for any associated costs and service charges of the equipment.



Interfering with electricity meters is strictly prohibited. If you are found to be interfering with any electrical equipment at the campsite, it will be considered as gross misconduct and you will be dismissed.



If you bring with you or purchase any electrical appliances you must leave them with the campsite manager to have them tested to ensure they are safe to use in your accommodation. After testing they will be returned to you with a stamp of approval or with information explaining why they are unsuitable and must not be used. Failure to adhere to this rule will lead to disciplinary action which could result in dismissal.



We expect people to behave appropriately. Excessive drinking or bad behaviour is not acceptable and should you become a nuisance, drunk or difficult to control on company property, you will either be escorted back to your accommodation, or in extreme cases, reported to the police where criminal charges may be made against you. In either case you will be dismissed.



Because of the close proximity of local residents and the need for other workers to have peace and quiet in their accommodation, particularly if they have to start work early in the mornings, the playing of loud music is strictly forbidden at all times.

You may play music inside your accommodation at reasonable volumes. Anyone found playing music or making noise considered to be offensive, annoying or loud will have disciplinary action taken against them.



We have a No Smoking policy in many areas of the farm including all accommodation units. The Policy must be complied with. Smoking in accommodation or at the workplace will lead to dismissal.



You are not allowed to enter any fenced off areas. Disregarding this rule will result in dismissal. 


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