Welcome to the recruitment site of S&A Fresh Produce.

Thank you for your interest in working with us.
Whether you would like seasonal work or a permanent position you will be an important member of our team.

Now recruiting for the 2024 season! 

If you're a British Citizen, you will need the following to make an application:

• Passport (or full Birth Certificate)
• National Insurance Number

If you are applying from a European country you will need:

• Passport
right to work share code
• National Insurance Number 

If you do not have the Right to Work in the UK, you will need to find a sponsor.

If you experience any difficulties or require any assistance in completing your application, then please contact a member of the Recruitment Team.

Thank you for applying, we look forward to welcoming you.


Zhivko Ganchev
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Halil Deliyski
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Fatime Mustafa
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Thank you for choosing our Company. Currently we don’t have any open vacancies.

For this reason the website is closed for new applications and will be re-open in November when you can apply for the new season.