All campsites have:

·         A small shop that is open most evenings and stocks various types of Eastern European convenience food and everyday items

·         Vending machines which dispense snacks and drinks

·         Campsite laundry rooms with pay washing machines and tumble dryers

·      Facility to borrow items such as vacuum cleaners, mops and buckets and cleaning materials; the workshop staff will help with any accommodation problems

·         Facility to check your daily earnings and print off your payslips. 

There are Campsite Offices in Marden, Brierley and at the Main Office at Hernhill Nursery, where skilled and experienced Seasonal Workers Liaison Officers are ready to assist you with all kind of queries.

Pastoral Service

S&A is committed to the safety and welfare of all workers.  The company makes every effort to look after the employees and classifies welfare as one of its core values. We are also able to cater for those wishing to attend any religious services. We will always be there to help with any work, domestic or personal problems.

During your stay at S&A we will also:

·         Make appointments on your behalf for treatment with Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals

·         Collect your medical prescriptions

·         Transport you to and from Hospital, Doctor and Dentist (emergency treatments only)

·         Arrange language interpretation in the Hospital and at the Doctor Provide daily transport to local shops from Brierley and Hernhill Nursery (A public bus service is available from Marden.)

·         Provide at least 5 English language lessons.

 (The Pastoral Service is provided free of charge.)


Documentation Service

Working in the UK requires the completion of many forms, few of which are translated into your native languages. Our documentation service assists you with the completion of all documents required whilst working with us. Some examples are listed below.

·         Documents for Department of Work and Pensions to apply for a National Insurance Number

·         Documents for opening a bank account

·         Bank transfer documentation

·         Documents for tax returns (P85, P86)

·         Administration assistance with repatriation

(The Documentation Service is provided free of charge.)

Entertainment Service

All S&A campsites are situated in rural areas; we therefore provide an extensive range of entertainment facilities on site, which are managed by a dedicated entertainment team. This service exists for your benefit only and you have UNLIMITED use of all facilities listed below:

·         Bar (Marden and Hernhill Nursery)

·         Barbecues

·         Internet room

·         Wireless Internet

·         Use of gymnasium

·         Various sports competitions

·         Use of pool tables

·         Board games/playing cards

·         Arrangement of excursions and trips to places of interest

·         Craft leisure evenings (Marden and Brierley)  

·         Bar, lounge area (open daily Marden only)

·         Volleyball court

·         Basketball court (Marden only)

·         Table tennis

·         Football pitch

There are many other small games available on request.

Throughout the season there are various competitions organised such as football, volleyball, pool and table tennis.

(The entertainment service is free.)


Living on our campsite is convenient due to the close proximity of work and accessibility of shift pattern and other information. Detailed information on accommodation can be found HERE. If you decide to stay on the campsite during your period of work with S&A, a charge of £49.00 will be deducted from your weekly wages.

Repatriation Insurance

We require you to have insurance covering you for repatriation for the whole length of stay at S&A. If you do not have any repatriation insurance we will arrange relevant cover at £15.  

If you choose to take out your own insurance we request you bring documentary evidence of this to the interview.

Key features of the insurance we offer are:

·         Cover for personal accidents such as death, loss of limbs, sight, speech and hearing or permanent total disablement

·    Cover for repatriation and associated costs such as, additional travel or accommodation following accidental physical injury or illness

·         Cover for personal liability for death, injury or illness to another person and accidental damage to the property of another.

The period of cover is seasonal and starts from the date you arrive at S&A and ends on the date you depart from S&A. The cost of this service is payable before travelling to the UK to work at S&A.   

Please note that repatriation insurance is not travel insurance. We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance separately with the insurer of your choice, as S&A does not provide this service.


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