There are three types of accommodation to which you may be given depending on which campsite you are allocated.

The first type are caravans which accommodate up to 4 people depending on the size of the van. Caravans have toilets, showers and cooking facilities.

Secondly, there are accommodation units which are referred to as PODS. Pods can accommodate 2 people; we have a limited number of single occupancy units; most of these require you to use communal toilets and showers.

The toilets and showers for these units are conveniently situated close to the accommodation in communal blocks. People living in these units will also have access to communal kitchens.

You will be allocated your accommodation by the Seasonal Workers Liaison Officer when you arrive at the farm. The SLO is there to help you with any queries you may have.

The SLO tries where possible to accommodate workers with their family members and friends, but this is not always possible as it depends on the accommodation available at your time of arrival.

Much time and money are spent on maintaining and improving the accommodation and facilities. You receive the accommodation on the strict understanding that you will look after it and do not abuse it during your stay.

An Accommodation Inspector carries out spot-checks on your accommodation during your stay. Any deliberate breakages or missing items incur a charge. You are responsible for the condition of your accommodation unit.

General problems with your accommodation can be reported to the SLO or Campsite Manager so that repairs can be carried out.

Accommodation is only there for those working at S&A. If you leave of your own accord, or you are dismissed, you must leave your accommodation at the time stipulated by the campsite; in normal circumstances this is three days.

Accommodation is chargeable. The current rate is £69.93 per week.